Last Update: Friday, 8th December 2017



My priority at the moment is T** A********* I* T** M******* S***** the sequel to my debut novel The Exercise Of Vital Powers. I’m happy to say I am now focussed on the second draft which entails EXTENSIVE but much needed re-writes (and the addition of a further two or three chapters) to get the story one step closer to where I want it to be. My arbitrary deadline for completion is the end of January 2018, though I hope to have it done sooner. By the end of February, at the latest, I hope to have a completed third draft ready to hand over to an editor.

When I’m not busy writing on Book Two, I am also laying the groundwork for the publication of a revised second edition of The Exercise Of Vital Powers to coincide with the one year anniversary of the book’s original release. Depending on how quickly I can get this done, and a few other factors, the new edition could very well see the light of day at a much earlier date.



In addition to the above I’m also working on first drafts of two novelettes (that could become novellas) for publication in 2018―the first of which features an eleven year old Kayden Jayta, and takes place 7 years before the events of The Exercise Of Vital Powers. The story (which for now I’ll refer to by its initials, VOTSU) charts the beginning of the unlikely friendship responsible for turning Kayden into the young woman readers meet at the start of Book One. As the plot is a little spoilery, I will wait until after the second release of The Exercise Of Vital Powers before publishing it.

The second novelette (or novella; I seem to have difficulty keeping my word counts down) takes place shortly after the events of The Exercise Of Vital Powers, and stars Ari Shinadu who was just a supporting character in the book. I can’t reveal anything about the plot as it contains a MAJOR spoiler for Book One, but I can say that it wraps up a “loose end” mentioned near the end of TEOVP. I hope to release this prior to the publication of Book Two.