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Poll: What Initially Attracts You To A Book By An Unknown Author?


Greetings folks, today I’m giving you the opportunity to help me with some research I’m undertaking for future reference. As a new author, I have a vested interest in knowing what makes a reader decide to purchase and read a book by an author they haven’t heard of. That being the case, I have set up a poll so you can let me know which of the following five factors is most responsible for persuading you to risk reading a book by an author previously unknown to you.

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Get Your Votes In For My (Undeserving) Book


Hello folks; this is a call to all you Goodreads users out there. I would like to bring to your attention that fellow user, Kitvaria Sarene, has recently started a Listopia list for the 300 entrants for this year’s #SPFBO contest. My entry, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is in dire need of your votes today. Having reached a peak of 87th position, it is now in joint 97th place, and falling. Your votes can reverse this downward trend, and send my book back up the list where it (probably doesn’t) belong.

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