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A New Review For The Exercise Of Vital Powers

Please check out this new review for The Exercise Of Vital Powers, posted on Nana’s Fantastical Reads.

Nana's fantastical reads

The Exercise of Vital Powers - Ian Gregoire~Werbung / ad – Thank you to Ian Gregoire for providing me with a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.~

Ever since The Exercise of Vital Powers was reviewed and praised by Booktuber Kitty G as part of SPFBO 2017, a contest for indie authors hosted by author Mark Lawrence, I was very intrigued by the premise. However, the cover didn’t really appeal to me and might have been the reason why I didn’t pick it up immediately. The next time I checked, the book was no longer available on Amazon since the author wanted to revise the book and publish a second edition with a brand new cover. I was lucky enough to participate in the cover reveal in May. Since the new edition is available now since the beginning of July, I was finally able to read the book and share my thoughs on it…

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The First Glowing Review For The Exercise Of Vital Powers

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Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better for my SPFBO entry, along comes Kitty G’s video review of The Exercise Of Vital Powers, yesterday. Not only did Kaitlin produce a very complimentary overview of my book, watching the video has actually made me seriously start to believe that it’s a better story than I previously thought. I still don’t think it’s polished enough to progress to the final round, but Kaitlin’s praise has already had a positive effect in terms of increasing interest in my book, as well as causing a spike in sales. In that respect, entering this year’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off has definitely paid dividends so I’m really glad to be involved. Anyway, that’s enough waffling from me; you can watch Kaitlin’s review below.

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#SPFBO Update: My Book Lives To Fight Another Day

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Greetings folks, it’s time for a quick SPFBO update for those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the latest developments in this year’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off. First of all, with more or less two months having elapsed since the contest officially got under way, just over a third of the 300 entries have been eliminated from the competition so far. (You can view the list of titles that have fallen by the wayside at this point by visiting Mark Lawrence’s blog where he is keeping track.)

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#SPFBO Update: The Exercise Of Vital Powers Makes An Impression


I have an exciting (to me at least) update about the Self-Published Fantasy Blog off contest, and it concerns my humble entry, The Exercise Of Vital Powers. To my surprise, #SPFBO judge Kaitlin aka “Kitty G” read my debut novel this week during her trip to Worldcon in Finland, and even more surprising than that was discovering that she really liked it. Yesterday she posted an initial review on Goodreads, awarding my book a 4.5 stars rating and it’s fair to say it has made my year. Knowing that my story struck a chord with a reader who has no vested interest in kissing my behind has gone a long way to making me feel a little less like an imposter.

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The Journey So Far


Earlier this year something rather unusual happened to me; I had a 150,000 word unpublished story on my hands. Certain facets of this manuscript were different from every other story I had ever written in my life before, the most notable difference being that it was a finished novel. Prior to its completion, the only stories I had ever successfully completed were short stories and the occasional novella; all previous attempts at novel writing resulted in abandonment, usually because I unceremoniously tore up or deleted the offending work. It was also different in that it was the first story I had written with the explicit intention of having it read by persons other than myself. And perhaps the most unusual thing about the manuscript was fact the that I was actually happy with it, which shouldn’t have been possible; I am never satisfied with my own writing.

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#SPFBO Has Begun And Some Of The 300 Have Fallen


I may have mentioned, once or twice, that my novel The Exercise Of Vital Powers is one of the 300 entrants in this year’s #SPFBO contest. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the contest officially got under way on the first of this month, with the initial round to be concluded in December. Now that we are more or less two weeks into the competition, I thought I’d give a little update on the progress so far.

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Introducing My #SPFBO Judge, Kitty G


If you have been keeping abreast of the third running of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off that gets under way in July, you should be aware that my debut fantasy novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is among the pool of thirty novels due to be reviewed by popular BookTuber, Kitty G. If you’re wondering what a BookTuber is, it refers to a book reviewer who uploads filmed book reviews to their YouTube channel.

A little over a week ago, Kitty posted a short video outlining her role as a judge for this years #SPFBO contest, which you can watch below. Yes, Kitty butchers my name; but hey, when you have a non-Anglo sounding name (as I do) you get used to having it mispronounced. 😉

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Get Your Votes In For My (Undeserving) Book


Hello folks; this is a call to all you Goodreads users out there. I would like to bring to your attention that fellow user, Kitvaria Sarene, has recently started a Listopia list for the 300 entrants for this year’s #SPFBO contest. My entry, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is in dire need of your votes today. Having reached a peak of 87th position, it is now in joint 97th place, and falling. Your votes can reverse this downward trend, and send my book back up the list where it (probably doesn’t) belong.

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#SPFBO 2017: The 300 Have Been Chosen


It’s been almost two weeks, now, since I posted about the opening of the #SPFBO 2017 book contest, with author, Mark Lawrence’s call for 300 new submissions to participate in this year’s competition. Though still in its infancy, the contest (only now in its third year) has already made enough of an impact that 300 entries were received in a matter of days; far sooner than the July 1st deadline. I am pleased to say that my debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is one of the lucky entrants, though I am well aware that I have no chance of winning.

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