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Reddit Fantasy Writer Of The Day


Greetings folks. I just want to give those of you who are Reddit members a quick heads up that I am the “Writer Of The Day” on the R/Fantasy subreddit. For the next 10+ hours you can pop in an ask me questions. So whether you want to know my favourite books and authors or who my biggest influences are, feel free to drop in and join the conversation. Just click the link below.

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Are You And My Book Right For Each Other?


I like to think that most books have a natural audience: specific readers whose preferences all but guarantee they will enjoy those books. With that being the case it obviously makes sense for authors and publishers to identify the type of reader who constitutes the natural audience for the books they want to sell. By specifically targetting the appropriate audience no time and money is wasted marketing books to the wrong readers. It obviously wouldn’t make sense to market a book like Altered Carbon to readers who favour Regency romance novels, for example.

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People May Be Idiots, But Don’t Push Your Luck


Have you ever wondered why characters in the Superman comics never seem to notice that Clark Kent is obviously Superman? Chances are you don’t give it much thought, and you certainly don’t let it spoil your enjoyment of Superman. After all, you can accept the idea of an alien being who looks completely human, while possessing the ability to fly, super strength, super speed, super hearing and x-ray vision. So why would accepting that Clark only needs to put on a pair of glasses to fool everyone be any less easy to justify?

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