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#IndieApril: “The Exercise Of Vital Powers” Is On Sale For £0.99/$0.99/€0.99


Hey peeps. If you are active on social media you are probably already aware of the #IndieApril hashtag which is being used to promote independent and self-published books and authors this month. We are now more than halfway through the month, and to mark the occasion, the ebook edition of my first novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is on sale for just £0.99/$0.99/€0.99 all this week.

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade


One of the inescapable truths about literature is that there is no such thing as a universally loved book. Even the most lauded work you have ever read has its detractors. In other words, one person’s masterpiece is another person’s trash. This being the case, every author knows that sooner rather than later their books will receive bad reviews, and yesterday I received my first ever 1 star review on Goodreads for The Exercise Of Vital Powers. I have since been inspired to write how I’ve chosen to deal with this unwelcome development.

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Book Recommendation: Just Breathe By Sarah Doughty


I originally intended to do an #SPFBO update about the elimination of The Exercise Of Vital Powers from the competition at the semi-final stage, but now I’m going to delay it until tomorrow. Instead, today’s impromptu blog post is a book recommendation for a novel I read last month that greatly exceeded my expectations. The book in question is Just Breathe, an urban fantasy/paranormal romance tale by Sarah Doughty, for which I posted an in depth review earlier today on my book blog Another World, so please go and check it out. I can tell you right off the bat that this book really made an impression on me. As a result, I would love for more people to discover the book and the author.

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The Most Rewarding Thing For An Author


I have recently come to learn that the most rewarding thing for any author, after successfully writing and publishing a book, is the feeling experienced upon discovering that the story you have written has really connected with a reader. This amazing feeling is further magnified when such a reader chooses to share their appreciation for your work with you, and the rest of the world.

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The Shameless Self-Promotion Quandary


I have reluctantly come to the conclusion, recently, that I have a self-promotion problem, one that is potentially insurmountable. That problem, in a nutshell, is me; or more to the point my personality. I am what is known as an introvert. (People frequently mistake introversion for shyness, which is incorrect. For a more accurate insight into the psyche of an introvert check out this Huffington Post article.) One of the consequences of this character trait is that I really dislike being the centre of attention. In fact, I go out of my way to avoid bringing attention to myself. Now you’re probably beginning to see my problem.

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