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That Was The Month That Was (July 2018)


It’s exactly a month since the re-release of The Exercise Of Vital Powers, and it’s time for a look back at what the book has accomplished in those four weeks. To start with, I probably don’t need to state that sales, so far, are nothing to write home about. But as mentioned in a previous post, I’m not particularly interested in sales figures this time around. My primary goal in publishing a revised second edition of my debut novel is to ensure there is a large enough potential audience for the upcoming sequel. With that in mind I set three (non-sales related) end of year targets to determine whether the publication of a sequel next year is worthwhile. Now, one month later, let’s see how much closer I am to achieving these targets.

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Critical Acclaim, Commercial Success…Or Something Else?


Having now made the commitment to fully pursue my nascent writing ambitions, I have recently been pondering what it is I most want to accomplish as an author. Following on from this, the one thought that has repeatedly come to the forefront of my mind is whether critical acclaim or commercial success is more important to me. I’m sure this thought crosses the mind of every aspiring author at some point before being published; maybe it is something even published authors think about, also. Ultimately, it is difficult to favour one over the other if you come to the conclusion that both options are equally desirable.

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Writing Plans For The Rest Of The Year


I may have mentioned that the Kindle edition of my debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, was released without fanfare a few days ago, and can be purchased now from Amazon’s Kindle Store. I may or not have mentioned I am currently preparing a paperback edition for publication later this summer, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for a slightly more high profile release, in terms of marketing. So now that I have the first book under my belt, I’ve been thinking about my writing goals for the remainder of the year. My ruminations have led me to start tentatively outlining two future novels. At the moment I am undecided about which of the two I want to prioritise, so I will work on them concurrently until I make up my mind.

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