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Escaping The Wasteland That Is Twitter


This morning I made the (long overdue) decision to wave goodbye to Twitter. Last night it finally dawned on me that I derived no benefit from my presence on the micro-blogging platform, and that the time and effort wasted on it would be better utilised elsewhere. Yes, it’s essentially an admission of defeat, but it’s one less thing for my to worry about, and an opportunity to focus my energies in areas that will actually advance my writing career.

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Who Wants To Help A Brother Out?


As much as I hate asking for help with anything, sometimes it’s just unavoidable, so I have a minor request for whomever reads this post. If any of you guys are Facebook users, would you mind liking my author page the next time you log in. Apparently, it’s necessary for 25 people to like my page before I am are eligible for a custom URL. Under normal circumstances I would just wait for it to happen of its own accord, but I suspect I’d be waiting for Godot if I don’t issue this call for assistance.

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