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Where Did All The Money Go?


At the turn of the year I was fully committed to a revised second edition of my first novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, but it wasn’t until the middle of April that I finally decided to move forward with the project. From the get-go, I knew I would actually have to spend money on my book second time around if it was to have any chance of attracting readers in a way the first edition failed to do. That being the case, I earmarked £2500 as my budget for getting the book published to a sufficiently high standard. This post will let you know where the money went, and if it was well spent. I hope it will be helpful to other authors thinking about going the self-published route.

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Work In Progress Report


In the first post of this revamped blog I mentioned that the manuscript for my soon-to-be debut novel was undergoing a final round editing. My inexperience in these matters led me to optimistically believe that this editing would be completed some time during the first half of February. I now have a greater appreciation for what a painstakingly tedious task an editor takes on when it comes to getting a manuscript into a publishable state; an alternate way of saying the job took longer than I expected, though I now understand why.

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