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Discovering What Inspires My Creative Writing


Although creating stories is something I have been doing for my own entertainment since early childhood, until recently I had never given any thought to what actually inspires the stories I tell. It was during the course of writing my first novel throughout most of 2016 that I first consciously came to realise that the inspiration for my writing comes from two things. It came as something of a surprise to realise these two factors were influencing all my work because beforehand I wouldn’t have thought either lend themselves naturally to writing fantasy or science fiction.

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Mission Accomplished

It’s been a while since the last update but I may as well mention that the novel I’ve spent the last year and more of my life on is finally done and dusted. The feedback has been positive and, more importantly, I’m very happy with it. I am now in a position to focus on how I plan to get my debut published (more on that very soon) and I am currently working on some ideas for a possible sequel.

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The Finishing Line Is In Sight


It’s been a long, hard slog reaching this point but I am now one step closer to my final destination. The changes I decided to make to my work-in-progress, after it was last edited, have been completed and my manuscript is undergoing (what should be) one last bout of editing. Much to my surprise I am very pleased with the state of my final draft, so I feel quietly confident it will shortly be deemed fit for publication, once it’s been looked over. If my assessment is correct I should be able to give the finished story to my beta readers before the end of next week.

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