Here is a selection of some of the various writing resources readily available to aspiring authors, some of which have been useful to me in my creative writing endeavours.








Don’t want to spend money on a copy of Microsoft Office to produce your manuscript? Or maybe, like me, you are not a Windows user but a Linux user. Well, you’re in luck, Writer is the document creation component of the freely available LibreOffice productivity suite, and it can be used produce manuscripts in Microsoft’s DOC & DOCX document formats for those publishers who require it.

Ready to put together an ebook for distribution? Jutoh from Anthemion Software is the premier application for creating EPUB format ebooks used by the majority of distibution platforms. While it may not be free, it is inexpensive so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, plus no other software can match it for features and ease of use, at present.

Prefer a no-cost alternative to Jutoh? Well you’re in luck; Sigil is a free, open source EPUB ebook editor. It is a cross-platform application so it’s available for macOS and Linux as well as Windows. Though not as feature rich as Jutoh it is easy to use and produces very good results.

Scrivener is a project management tool for writers to aid in the process of outlining, organising, writing and editing a novel. I haven’t used it myself (a prospective Linux version was scrapped) but it’s the most popular application of it’s type with many published authors. It began life exclusive to macOS (formerly OS X) but is now also available for Windows at an affordable price.

Writer’s Cafe is an alternative to Scrivener from the creator of Jutoh that I have used for several years now. While it lacks the word processing component of its superior it is a very capable application for planning and outlining stories. It’s worth noting that it is no longer under active development so no new features will be added. What features it does have can also be found in its counterpart Jutoh.