Published Work

This page is a simple list of my published work to date. For more detailed information about my books (the characters, and world building etc.) keep an eye out for my official website due to launch in 2018 before the publication of my second novel.



My debut fantasy novel, The Exercise of Vital Powers, is a riveting cautionary tale inspired by the well known maxim, “With great power comes great responsibility.” It features an unforgettable heroine who reaches a pivotal crossroad in her life where she must learn an important life lesson about the pitfalls of abusing power; even if it kills her.

Though originally intended to be a stand alone novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers is likely to spawn at least one sequel, and has the potential to become a multi-book series.

During 2017 The Exercise Of Vital Powers surprised many people by becoming the first semi-finalist chosen by judge Kaitlin Grey from the group of thirty books assigned to her for the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off competition organised by Mark Lawrence.

The Kindle edition was published on 21st April 2017, with the paperback edition following on 30th June 2017.


eBook Edition:

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