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Eighties Nostalgia For My Isolation Life


Yesterday, during a bout of nostalgia for my childhood, I decided to embark upon an ’80s movie marathon during the month of April, watching at least one of my favourite films from the ’80s every evening until the end of the month. Though I’m interested to see how many I can get through, my primary purpose is to discover which of these films the adult me will still find to be as good as I remember. Obviously I no longer have the sensibilities of a child, so I have no expectation that all of them will stand the test of time, but I look forward to rewatching everything without rose-tinted spectacles.

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#IndieApril: “The Exercise Of Vital Powers” Is On Sale For £0.99/$0.99/€0.99


Hey peeps. If you are active on social media you are probably already aware of the #IndieApril hashtag which is being used to promote independent and self-published books and authors this month. We are now more than halfway through the month, and to mark the occasion, the ebook edition of my first novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is on sale for just £0.99/$0.99/€0.99 all this week.

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Trivia: The Genesis Of The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe


You are no doubt aware that C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe is one of the most beloved and successful children’s fantasy books in history. But have you ever wondered what inspired Lewis to write the story? Well it’s a question that has been answered in the book, Of Other Worlds: Essays And Stories, a posthumously published anthology of essays and unpublished stories by Lewis.

Book Cover   Book Cover   Book Cover   Book Cover

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Book Review: King Maker By Maurice Broaddus

Hello people! Please check out my review of the urban fantasy novel, King Maker, by Maurice Broaddus. The review originally appeared on my soon-to-be defunct book blog, Another World, but I’ve given it another lease of life at its new home on my official website.

Ian Gregoire | Official Website

Book CoverKing Maker
(The Knights Of Breton Court, Book 1)

Maurice Broaddus

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Angry Robot
Format: Paperback, 416 Pages
Date: 4th March 2010

ISBN-10: 0007343310
ISBN-13: 978-0007343317

Recent years have brought about a growing trend which has seen the publication of numerous re-tellings/re-imaginings of classic works of fiction. Whether it be the reworking of popular children’s fairy tales into more “grown up” paranormal tales, or unconventional “mash-ups” blending horror with Victorian literature in the vein of Austen and the Bronte sisters, there has been several interesting, albeit not particularly good books written.

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My Favourite Reads Of The Year


The end of the year is upon us, and it’s time to take a look back at what turned out to be my most productive reading year for over a decade. Having set myself a modest target of ten books to read in 2018, I surpassed that goal by reading a total of twenty-seven books. To mark that achievement I am hereby going to share with you the best of these books that I read because, much to my surprise, I had the pleasure of reading five novels that I awarded 5 star ratings to. That many 5 star reads in a single year is unheard of for me.

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A New Review For The Exercise Of Vital Powers

Please check out this new review for The Exercise Of Vital Powers, posted on Nana’s Fantastical Reads.

Nana's fantastical reads

The Exercise of Vital Powers - Ian Gregoire~Werbung / ad – Thank you to Ian Gregoire for providing me with a copy of this book. All opinions are my own.~

Ever since The Exercise of Vital Powers was reviewed and praised by Booktuber Kitty G as part of SPFBO 2017, a contest for indie authors hosted by author Mark Lawrence, I was very intrigued by the premise. However, the cover didn’t really appeal to me and might have been the reason why I didn’t pick it up immediately. The next time I checked, the book was no longer available on Amazon since the author wanted to revise the book and publish a second edition with a brand new cover. I was lucky enough to participate in the cover reveal in May. Since the new edition is available now since the beginning of July, I was finally able to read the book and share my thoughs on it…

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Get Your Free Copy Of The Exercise Of Vital Powers


Today marks the commencement of a free book giveaway hosted by Instafreebie that I am not only participating in, but actually organised. The “Heroine Chic” fantasy giveaway is a one week only giveaway offering readers the opportunity to claim a free copy of one (or all) of twelve books featuring a memorable female protagonist. Obviously, my own novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, is one of the twelve books available, alongside eleven other titles by authors including Krista D. Ball and Donna Maree Hanson.

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The Challenge Of Defeating My Reading Slump


At the start of the year I set myself the goal of reading ten books for the annual Goodreads Reading Challenge. As I mentioned in a blog post earlier in the year, the reason for setting such a modest target was that every previous reading challenge I participated in ended in failure. This was typically the result of never having enough time to read as many books as I would like. But this year, much to my surprise, I read my ten books by the end of January. At the time, the ease with which I successfully completed the challenge caused me to contemplate the possibility of reading fifty-two books by the end of the year―an average of one book read a week―although I’d settle for twenty-five. Today this seems like wishful thinking.

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The Art Of Keeping Up Appearances


By now you should all be aware that the re-release of my debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, was last week, Monday. You should also have noted the most readily apparent difference between the first and second editions of the book: the cover artwork. Once I had decided to move ahead with a revised second edition, I knew that the book’s outer appearance would be the most crucial factor in improving its fortunes over its predecessor―even more so than the editing. This post will give you a little insight into my thought processes when it came to the design of the new cover.

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