Well, it’s that time again. The first day of a new year. The day when many of us engage in the annual ritual of making resolutions about the changes we intend to make in our lives, but rarely follow through with. History suggests that I’m wasting my time making any New Year’s resolutions, yet here I am doing it again. So these are the five goals I’m setting for myself this year.



For much of my adult life I have typically lived one day at a time, giving little thought to my future. This mindset has obviously had the effect of preventing me from ever making concrete plans, so my life has tended to be very disorganised and unstructured. I’ve now reached a stage in my life where I need more structure and organisation, not just in terms of my everyday existence, but especially in my fledgling writing career. To that end, it was intention to lead a much more regimented life, both professionally and personally.


Since turning forty years old, I’ve learned the hard way that I can no longer take my health and fitness for granted. 2019 was not a great year for me with regard to my physical well-being, and I’m determined to reverse (or at the very least arrest) the decline. The priority is to get back into the habit of regular exercise, but I’m also conscious of the need to eat healthier, too.

I actually enjoy exercising, but during 2019 I sacrificed almost all physical activity on the alter of finishing my next novel. This decision was prompted by the sad reality that my age means I need longer recovery periods after working out, and I didn’t want that to cut into my writing time. I have no doubt that this was a significant, contributing factor to most of my health problems, as well as the extra weight I gained.

This is the one resolution I’m confident I will keep. It’s in my best interest to do so, which means I don’t really have a choice.


I have lived in the same borough of London all my life. I have also been living at my current address for over a decade. Unsurprisingly, I’m tired of the area, as well as the house, and feel as though I’m stagnating where I am. During the second half of 2020, it is my hope that I will be in a position, financially, to start looking to move to another area. If necessary, I will even consider leaving London.


Looking back to how I felt about my life when I turned forty, I had a lot of regrets about the numerous things I hadn’t done. It wasn’t that opportunities never came my why, they did. But for various reasons I habitually let such chances slip through my grasp without even trying. Given that my age doesn’t prohibit me from doing any of these things, I’ve decided to make a point of ticking off as many new experiences as I can during 2020.


This resolution is almost certainly wishful thinking on my part. I haven’t had an active social life for over a decade, and I’m now at a stage in my life where I’m so used to my own company that making new friends has little appeal. This wasn’t always the case, however. Once upon a time I had a very active social life and a wide circle of friends. A small part of me misses those days, and if the opportunity to rekindle my social life were to be presented to me, I’d certainly be tempted to grab it with both hands. But that would only happen if I were to befriend people I viewed as kindred spirits; I’m not interested in socialising with people I don’t click with just for the sake of it.

I know it doesn’t make sense to make a resolution that I don’t plan to actively pursue, but I intend to remain open to the possibility of becoming more sociable this new year, if circumstances permit.

* * * * *

So there you have it, my New Year’s resolutions. If you also have resolutions you want to achieve this year, feel free to leave a comment below or post a link to your own blog post.


Next time on lonelyboy1977: Find out what my writing goals for 2020 are.

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