To say that the writing of my second novel has been a slow and painstaking endeavour would be an understatement; my word count got way out of hand, and nailing how the story should end was a dilemma that took an age to resolve. That being said, it hasn’t been nearly as stressful an experience as writing my debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers. Nonetheless, the time and effort I’ve had to put into finishing my manuscript has meant that I’ve been quieter than I would have liked about my progress, and the status of the book. Today I’m coming out of hibernation to present you with the cover reveal for The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow.

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The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow is the long awaited sequel to Ian Gregoire’s under the radar debut novel The Exercise Of Vital Powers. Set two years after the fantastical events of its predecessor, the second book of the character-driven fantasy series sees the return of precocious protagonist, Kayden Jayta, in another perilous misadventure that will appeal to fans of Trudi Canavan and James Clemens.

As a labour of love for the author, the upcoming release seeks to build upon the critical success of The Exercise Of Vital Powers, and propel Legends Of The Order into the consciousness of mainstream fantasy readers, thereby attaining the commercial success befitting of the most unique fantasy series being written today.

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Sometimes Respect Has To Be Earned The Hard Way.

The end of an arduous apprenticeship is close at hand, and Kayden Jayta unexpectedly learns that being the favoured apprentice of a living legend is not conducive to gaining the respect she deserves. With little time left to change perceptions, simmering resentment persuades her that drastic action is required to redress the slights of her detractors. Measures that may jeopardise her induction into the Order, and endanger her life.

An overheard conversation presents Kayden with both the means and justification to pursue her objective. The key to attaining the respect she craves lies beyond the borders of the Nine Kingdoms. But the window of opportunity is small; the danger she must face, great; and the price of failure, greater still. Undeterred, she will allow nothing and no one to hinder her from the path she must walk.

The one-woman mission to a foreign land will test Kayden’s abilities like never before. If she is to succeed in her dangerous manhunt, she must overcome enemies new and old before facing an adversary she maybe ill-equipped to defeat. And little does she suspect that her reckless endeavour will have unintended consequences, forcing the legendary Fay Annis to confront her infamous past.

But the trials and tribulations that lie ahead must surely be worth the risk, for only unprecedented action will permit the headstrong apprentice to step out of her master’s shadow.

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The ebook edition of The Exercise Of Vital Powers will be getting a month long 99p/99c sale in December, allowing readers who have not yet embarked upon the series to catch up on what they have been missing―in time for the long overdue release of The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow.


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“It grabs your attention from the first page and keeps you invested for the next few hundred pages.” (Fantasy Book Critic)

“I just couldn’t stop reading and stayed up way past bedtime because I had to know what happened next.” Suzanne Rogerson (Author of Visions Of Zarua)

“This is a wonderful character driven story in a richly created world with an interesting magic system. Kayden is a character you want to dislike but at the same time, you want to learn more about her.” Becky (YouTube Review)

“I don’t know what I was expecting, really, but I don’t think I was expecting such an engaging, well thought out story from a self-published debut novel I had never heard of before…” Kristen (Superstardrifter)

“The prose is both eloquent and concise, which I appreciate. The author has a way with words that make mundane sentences more beautiful.” Siobhan (Goodreads Review)

“I don’t pretend to be the most well read person, but I found this to be completely unique, and I loved it! I felt very engaged right from the start, and somehow became even more engaged by the end.” Kim (The Writing Process)

“I love reading about flawed characters, and the development that Kayden shows through the course of the novel is impressive.” Rachel (The Perspicacious Bookworm)

“I would recommend this book to fans of very character-driven stories with slow pacing, complex characters and powerful female leads.” Nadine (Nana’s Fantastical Reads)

“The character development, twisting plot, the magical abilities and knowledge take you down a winding path; leaving you at an end wondering how the next story will go, but in the safe knowledge you need to know more.” Jade (Goodreads Review)

“Gregoire has done an amazing job of creating a feeling of tension throughout, while leaving us guessing as to what will happen next, or even how the outcome will turn out.” Dianne (Tome Tender)

“…this book was sneaky amazing.” Angelica (The Effervescent Bookworm)

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The Apprentice In The Master’s Shadow is scheduled for release early in the New Year (date to be confirmed), in ebook and paperback editions, with an audiobook addition in the works for later on in the year. Pre-orders will be open after Christmas via all the usual online retailers.

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