Get your minds out of the gutter people; the title of this post is in reference to how many newsletters a year I’m currently committed to sending out to my mailing list subscribers. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that sending it out on a quarterly basis isn’t regular enough. As a result I’ve decided to make it a monthly thing, starting this week. I think once a month is frequent enough for the purpose of keeping subscribers up to date, while not being annoying to the recipients.

If you are currently a subscriber you will now be updated more frequently on the progress of the various things I’m writing. In addition, I will draw your attention to upcoming giveaways (including a group giveaway I’m involved in next week), special deals, new releases and more. If you have not yet subscribed to my mailing list, what are you waiting for?


Next time on lonelyboy1977: Are you the right reader for my book?

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