6 comments on “Escaping The Wasteland That Is Twitter

  1. I didn’t try Twitter myself… I never really understood the point of it. Although, I am new to the ways of the interweb in general! (until about 6 months ago I sat in a corner with my tinfoil hat on trying not to let “the man” read my thoughts) 😉 I have yet to discover the benefits of any social media platforms.
    Instagram is fun, but their lack of link shares make it pointless,
    I have yet to see any benefit to Facebook except for the fact that it allows me a way to message authors to let them know a review is going up,
    I have yet to forage into other platforms as I feel I’m in over my head already! 😂
    Good luck with delving into other social media platforms! 🍻

  2. When I first got into writing and decided I wanted to take it to the next level (publishing), every agent I contacted wanted to know about my on-line presence. I found that odd because I am an avid reader and I’ve never looked up authors I’d read. But I started the blog, considered Facebook and Twitter, and then got better advice. The best way to get people to read your work is to write another book, and another, and another, thus proving you’re not some fly-by-night. So, leaving Twitter isn’t a defeat–it’s realizing that success isn’t followers–it’s readers! Congrats!

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