It’s the start of a brand new month (well it was yesterday when I was supposed to submit this post), and the countdown for the re-release of my debut fantasy novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, has begun. I’ve been really busy over the last month, not only with ensuring that the book goes back on sale in the best possible state this summer, but also with preparations for the marketing campaign necessary to give TEOVP the opportunity for sales success that the first edition never had a hope of achieving. Part of me feels as though the effort, time and money I’ve been putting in to making the second edition successful should have been done last year for the original release. But in truth, I wouldn’t change anything about the way I went about things in 2017, even though I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I learned so much from my experience last year, and those lessons have now put me in a much better position to find and win over an audience for TEOVP and all my future writing endeavours.

I think everyone will agree that the most significant factor responsible for the dismal sales of the first edition of TEOVP was my DIY front cover. Well, I’m pleased to say this won’t be an issue for the upcoming second edition. These past couple of weeks I’ve been overseeing the design of new artwork for the book cover, and I can say with confidence that no one will be writing-off my novel on the grounds that the outside of the book sucks, therefore what’s on the inside must also suck. The new cover currently requires one minor alteration to be completed before it is finalised, but once it is done you won’t have long to wait for the awesome cover reveal.

Not content with just arranging a great cover for my book, I also decided to setup an official author website for myself at Admittedly, there isn’t much for you look at if you visit the site right now, but in due course it will become your one-stop shop for learning everything you might ever want to know about my books, and the characters and worlds that feature in them. For the time being this blog will remain separate from the site.

In mid-April I also found the time to send out my first ever newsletter to my mailing list subscribers, and got some positive feedback from it. If you aren’t one of those few lucky people, then you missed out on a lot of information about my publishing aims not just for the rest of this year but also throughout 2019. As punishment you will now have to wait several months before learning what my subscribers already know. To ensure that this doesn’t happen again I would advise you to sign-up for my newsletter and be added to my mailing list.

Finally, those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to read The Exercise Of Vital Powers last year, mark the date Monday, 2nd July on your calendar because (barring any last minute hiccups) that’s when you’ll be able to get your hands on it.


Thanks for reading,