If you cast your mind back to the beginning of the year, you may recall that personal problems caused me to postpone all my 2018 publishing plans until further notice; the main casualty being the second edition of my debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, which I had intended to release in time for the first anniversary of the original publication. I also promised to keep you updated on the status of the book if and when the situation changed. Well, that day has arrived, and today is that day.

During March I was finally able to get the ball rolling on getting the revised second edition of my novel completed in time for a summer release. I’m pleased to say that my first choice editor has agreed to take on the task of editing my baby, and I can’t wait to see the improvement in my manuscript once she’s finished working her magic. Those of you who missed out on the original release of The Exercise Of Vital Powers last year will have the opportunity to get your hands on the new and improved version from Monday, 2nd July, when my book rises like a phoenix from the ashes; so mark the date on your calendar.

The only matter that still needs to be finalised is a new cover for the book. My original DIY front cover pretty much killed the sales potential of the first edition, so I will NOT be taking on artwork duties this time around; I’ll leave it to a professional. I have narrowed down my short-list of potential designers to just two candidates whom I’ll be contacting in the next few days, before making a final decision on who to hire. With any luck I will have a cover reveal for you all by the end of April.

That pretty much covers everything I wanted to convey in this status update. I’ll be providing more details, starting in May up until publication day, during the pre-release marketing campaign that I wasn’t able to give the original release of The Exercise Of Vital Powers.

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