11 comments on “The Six Month Anniversary And The Three Lessons I Have Learned

  1. Good stuff! I’m rooting for you!

    If you can’t afford an artist, learning the basics of design so you can make your own stock photo cover should still be within the realm of possibility. Or at the very least, learn them so you can pick the appropriate artist. I still see people with paid covers that violate some basic principles (or so my artist says, such as over-use of fonts or poor title placement), and with a limited budget, you definitely don’t want to be wasting your money.

  2. Congrats on the anniversary! I love that you shared the things you’ve learned since you published your novel, and admitted to not knowing what you were doing. But it’s a learning curve, right?

    • There’s definitely a learning curve to self-publishing, and it’s probably slightly different from one person to another. What might work for one indie author might not necessarily work for someone else.

      • I think that’s something that’s easy to forget, especially since there are so many posts on how you should go about marketing your book or writing it

  3. Congrats on the anniversary! And thanks for sharing what you have learned during the process. It’s definitely useful for someone like me who hasn’t even started thinking about publishing yet 😉
    I personally put myself in several of the categories of people you’ll be looking for haha! Obviously I’ve already said I’d beta read (and I’m female! Lol) and I’m a book blogger and reviewer! But while I beta read I can also double up as a side editor as well if you like. I won’t be good enough to be a main editor but definitely happy to take detailed notes 🙂

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