Last week was a surprisingly productive week for me with regard to my current work in progress. That being the case, I feel it is worth my while to provide an update of where I am, so far; even if only a handful of my (soon-to-be) legion of rabid fanboys and fangirls notice. For those of you now scratching your head wondering what I’m working on, you obviously missed (or didn’t pay attention to) my announcement in late June, in which I mentioned my decision to focus on writing a follow up to my debut novel, The Exercise Of Vital Powers, even though it was originally written as a stand-alone tale. While at this early stage of writing I hesitate to claim that significant progress was made on my “untitled sequel” last week, I certainly feel like I’m finally on a roll now, to the extent where I hope to have the first draft completed a full month sooner than expected.

Congratulations, by the way, to all you eagle-eyed readers. Yes, the words untitled and sequel, mentioned above, are in quotation marks; the reason being that I know what the finished book will be called, I just won’t be revealing that information to anyone else before next year. Obviously, you are welcome to speculate on what the title will be, but I can pretty much guarantee no one will guess correctly.

Getting back to my productive week, it may not seem like a big deal, but over the course of the week I managed to get two and a bit chapters in the bag; pretty good going for a slow writer such as myself. Unfortunately, I can’t give an accurate word count for the week as I always handwrite my first drafts (a post for another day) though I suspect it’s somewhere in the region of 10k – 11k words. If I can be equally productive over the next few weeks (doubtful given my personal circumstances), and the finished manuscript is as long as its predecessor (approx. 150,000 words) I could feasibly have the first draft of my sequel novel sewn up by the end of September.

Book CoverNow, while I dislike sequels (or more precisely, pointless and unplanned sequels) as much as the next person, the way things are shaping up at present makes me confident that my WIP will avoid being one of these unnecessary books. Perhaps the best thing, thus far, about working on this sequel to my first novel is the opportunity I’ve been afforded to further develop my characters, particularly the two female leads, both of whom I’m rather proud of. Without getting too spoilery for those of you who haven’t read it yet, Kayden and Fay aren’t exactly friends in The Exercise Of Vital Powers, but the way the story ended necessitates a change in the dynamic of their relationship and interactions in my WIP, which takes place two years later. I’m having a lot of fun writing the pair at the moment, and I can’t wait to get further into the story given what I know is coming; the altered dynamic is going to continue to evolve throughout book two, so before the story reaches its conclusion the pair will be in a very different place than they are at the start, in terms of each woman’s attitude toward the other. As for whether or not they will both still be breathing at the end, that’s for me to know, and you to find out.

The one other thing I’m currently enjoying and looking forward to writing more of in my WIP, is something that has been brought about by my commitment to making it the second book of a five book series. Having outlined the plots for the additional three instalments, I am now in the fortunate position of being able to engage in some foreshadowing of things yet to come, via the inclusion of scenes which, though inconsequential to the plot and outcome of the story I’m currently writing, will have greater significance in book three, four and five (assuming I live long enough to actually write them). In fact, by the time you read this, I will already have one of these foreshadowing scenes in the bag.

That wraps up this update for my current work in process. I’ll try to make it a weekly feature for those of you who care, even if it’s just to say that circumstances got in the way (yet again), and prevented me from getting any writing done.


Thanks for reading,