3 comments on “Self-Publishing: First Choice Or Last Resort?

  1. It’s worth remembering that there’s long been a middle ground between commercial publishing and self-publishing: the small and sometimes not-so-small independent press. Over the decades it’s provided a publishing platform for writers the New York–based “trades” were sure wouldn’t sell: women, people of color, regional writers . . . The women in print movement, which grew out of the grassroots women’s liberation movement, not only published and promoted writers who couldn’t get a foot in a New York door but also proved to the trade publishers that there was a market for these books and provided a way to reach it, through feminist, gay, and other independent bookstores. Unfortunately, it was severely curtailed and almost done in by the rise of the chain bookstores and consolidation of mainstream publishers.

    I see some encouraging signs that a similar middle ground is developing in the age of digital publishing, and I hope it continues. Self-publishing is valid for sure, but it’s also exhausting to do everything from scratch. Indy publishers develop their own editorial and production team and create a market for their titles — all of which means the author doesn’t have to do it all (though we can’t exactly slack off either!).

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