One comment on “The Finishing Line Is In Sight

  1. For years — decades, even! — I was up against “the 40-page barrier.” That’s about 10K words. I’d written and had published all kinds of writing at shorter lengths: essays, reviews, newspaper features, poems, a few short stories, and even three one-act plays. But at 40 pages I choked. It was like I was tight-roping across a chasm and suddenly realized there was no safety net. Being sure I couldn’t do it was a pretty good reason to procrastinate, right? Probably the most important advice I got was to go scene by scene. Scenes are usually 5 to 10 pages long, 1,250 to 2,500 words. Hey, I could complete things of that length! I’d done it hundreds of times, in both fiction and nonfiction. And you’re absolutely right: completing a full-length work is a huge milestone. Pat yourself on the back, and then carry on.

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