In the first post of this revamped blog I mentioned that the manuscript for my soon-to-be debut novel was undergoing a final round editing. My inexperience in these matters led me to optimistically believe that this editing would be completed some time during the first half of February. I now have a greater appreciation for what a painstakingly tedious task an editor takes on when it comes to getting a manuscript into a publishable state; an alternate way of saying the job took longer than I expected, though I now understand why.

However, I can honestly say I am not disappointed about the length of time needed to get my story edited. Although the end result means that the manuscript must undergo one more final round of editing, I can genuinely say that what’s been accomplished thus far has greatly improved my work. And I say this as someone who is never happy with my own work.

Without giving anything away about the story, I’ll briefly articulate the two most significant changes that have been prompted by the aforementioned editing. I was unhappy about the length of the first three chapters; each one was quite a bit longer than I wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to reduce the word count in any meaningful way without cutting things out; something I wasn’t prepared to do. The simple solution I settled on was to cut each chapter in half, so three chapters became six. The principal benefit derived from this was the increase in the number of chapters. The minor downside is having to come up with names for the new chapters. (I always name my chapters before anyone asks.)

The other significant change is that I decided to write an additional chapter to conclude my story. As much as I like open-ended conclusions, my original ending left too many issues unresolved. The extra chapter will provide some closure to the more important loose ends. I hope to have all the changes completed by this weekend; once done, it can undergo one last bout of editing. With any luck I’ll be able to get the final draft to my beta readers to get their feedback by the end of next week.

Starting next week I’ll also begin providing details about my novel to be, as well as updating my blog regularly to keep whomever is interested up to speed with my journey getting the book published.

Until then, thanks for reading.