2 comments on “And So It Begins… All Over Again!!!

  1. Carry on! I’m finally on the verge of turning my first novel (published in trade paperback in 2008) into an ebook. I avoided/procrastinated for about two years before I did what I almost never do: made a new year’s resolution. The plan was to do something toward making it happen every day. I’ve pretty much done it and now I’m on the brink. Small but regular steps are the key for me.

    • Best of luck with your resolution, Susanna. I know a thing or two about procrastination; the epitaph on my headstone will be, Perpetual Procrastinator. If something can be put off until tomorrow, you can be sure I will put it off for months, instead. However, I’m determined that 2017 will mark a turning point for me. Before the year is out I’ll be able to tell people that I am an author. 🙂

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